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XL Double Swag - Mallee 1500

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Size: 1(l) x 1(w) x 1(h) cms Weight: 15kgs
Optional Freight Insurance: $4.78

XL Double Swag - Mallee 1500

Part Number: MS-1500

Kulkyne Swag is now the official online dealer for Mallee Swags!

What's so great about Mallee Swags?
We think Mallee Swags are the best quality swag in the $150-$250 price range, and by our testing are also the most waterproof swag in this price range.

What Makes Mallee Swags better?
Compared to others in this price range Mallee Swags are better for the following reasons:

  1. They've used waterproof stitching and higher quality bindings in critical areas, and hot-sealed and reinforced the PVC tub floor for better waterproofing;
  2. The Dark-out canvas inside the swag means less light bouncing around when the moons out or early in the morning for a better quality of sleep;
  3. Full size mattress! Many swags in this price range have a mattress smaller than the base size of their swag. This means a mattress which floats arount the swag, Mallee Swag mattresses are full size;
  4. We think Mallee Swags are better designed than it's direct competitors, which means it will last longer and be easier to use. 

How do Mallee Swags compare to Kulkyne Swags?
If you're after a good cheap swag, then a Mallee Swag is for you. If you want a high quality swag that's going to last you a lifetime then a Kulkyne Swag is for you. If you're not sure which swag is right for you give Mandy a call on 0478810777 to discuss your budget and requirements. 

How Waterproof are Mallee Swags?
Mallee Swags has gone to considerable effort to make sure their swags are the most waterproof in their price point. You can prepare your swag by seasoning it, which will be fine for light rain. If you want to use your swag in moderate rain, we suggest treating the seams and zip fabrics with Atsko Silicone Water-guard spray. If used in prolonged heavy rain, we suggest the previous step and also using a flysheet.

How Accessable is Aftersales Service and Warranty?
One reason to buy a Mallee Swag is the level of support behind the product. Mallee Swags are only sold by independent camping stores, meaning you can deal direclty with the business owner if you need any warranty support. Please be aware that you must go back to the dealer you purchased your Mallee Swag from to get warranty support, as such Kulkyne Swags will only handle warranty on Mallee Swags directly sold by it.

Other Warranty Information
If you purchase a Mallee Swag through Kulkyne Swags online you need to be aware that our warranty policy does not include freight costs. This means if you need warranty you must either return the swag back to Kulkyne Swags in Mildura, or get a quote from a canvas repairer in your local area and we will pay the reasonable cost of the repair work. Please check the Mallee Swags website for a list of dealers in your area if you are concerned about purchasing a swag online.

Kulkyne Swags warrants that a Mallee Swag purchased through us will be free from manufaturing or materials defects. We do not offer an express warranty period. Customers seeking a premium warranty should consider purchasing a Kulkyne Swag.


Mallee 1500 XL Double Swag Specifications

Model Name: Mallee 1500
Model Number: MS-1500
Swag Size: 2150(l) x 1500(w) x 950(h) mm
Weight: 11kgs
Mattress Thickness: 70mm H/D Foam
End Poles: 10.2mm Alloy
Middle Pole: Adjustable
Canvas: 400gsm
PVC Floor: 500gsm
Straps: 25mm with D-Rings


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