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Who is Kulkyne Swags
Kulkyne Swags ownedby Hooper Imports, a small family business, that would rather do quality than quantity. We are set up to supply local camping stores across Australia.

What if there isn't a dealer in my Area?
Until such time as we set up a dealer in your area, you can always buy online from us at www.kulkyne.com.au and have our range of camping products delivered to your door anywhere in Australia. 

What about warranty?
We offer Australia's strongest warranty support of any camping brand. We know that when you buy a camping product you expect it to be right. That's why we put so much emphasis on our quality control so that you never have a problem and our customers rarely do. However if you are one of the few who do have an issue we believe that your warranty claim should be handled quickly so you can get back camping without long delays.

How long is your warranty?
We offer a 2 year warranty on Kulkyne Kampers branded products. 

Why are your products cheaper than other large brands?
Many people wonder how we can claim to offer the features and quality we do, but sell our products at prices still completive with online sellers. Well it's our philosophy to spend extra on the products themselves as we believe this will come back to us in the form of word-of-mouth sales from happy customers telling their friends about our products. This helps keep our marketing costs down and when you combine this with cutting out middle men, sales reps and efficient freight logistics we are indeed able to offer superior products at really great prices.

How to clean up Mould on the canvas?
Mould is a living organism and needs to be killed: sunlight and antiseptic will both work. Start by soaking the product with a diluted solution of an antiseptic (follow instructions on the bottle), then gently scrub the pack with a nail brush (or similar) to ensure all seams around the mould are soaked by the solution. Rinse the pack until it is clean. (Plain white vinegar may be added to the rinse water as it inhibits the return of mould.) Hang the pack in an airy place to dry. If the weather is agreeable and it’s not too hot, leaving the pack in the sun will finish the process nicely.
For those who live in a humid climate where it is hard to prevent mould, investigate storing your pack with Silica or a similar product. Don’t store your pack on concrete. It is better to keep your pack in a cardboard box with air holes in a well-ventilated place than on the floor in the shed.
How to Clean a Sleeping Bag?
The sleeping bag is divided into four layers of fabric, which are two layers of canvas fabric on the top and bottom, and two layers of nylon blankets inside, which are connected by zippers. It is recommended to use dry cleaning for the outer canvas fabrics, and the inner nylon blankets can be disassembled and cleaned with a washing machine. Gentle wash in cold water for 30-40 minutes.

How to Seasoning your new Swag?

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