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Single Homestead/Sleeping Bag Combo

Kulkyne Kampers
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Patent No: 2013101175

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Size: 96(l) x 26(w) x 60(h) cms Weight: 25kgs
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Single Homestead/Sleeping Bag Combo

Part Number: HSSSS-COMBO

The Ultimate Swag with the Ultimate Sleeping Bag!

So what's so good about the Single Homestead Swag?

  1. By putting the swag on the integrated stretcher frame and combining it with a 40mm high density foam mattress you'll get the best nights sleep you've ever had in the bush.
  2. Because the mattress doesn't need to be as thick the Homestead swag packs up smaller than a traditional swag, which needs a much thicker mattress as you need to lye on the ground.
  3. Our patented design allows you to detach the stretcher frame from the swag meaning you have two smaller bags to carry rather than one large bag. The separate swag and frame both also come with FREE heavy duty carry bags.
  4. With our unique pole system you don't need to put pegs into the ground, all of your pole and rope points go into the stretcher frame for quick and easy set up.
  5. The new fly system keeps your Homestead swag cooler in summer and dryer in winter making our swag much more comfortable than any other swag.
  6. The single homestead swag is 225 x 100 cms meaning you have heaps of room to stretch out and it's also suitable for really tall people.
  7. As with all our swags there is massive airflow through our extra large midgee proof flyscreens.
  8. The Homestead swag also sets up without the stretcher frame if required.
  9. This swag is made from high quality materials including 13oz canvas.

And What so good about our Sleeping Bag?

  1. This sleeping bag is matched to the Homestead single swag, so it fits on to your mattress keeping the sleeping bag in position while you're sleeping!
  2. This is the highest quality sleeping bag on the market and has 4 separate temperature ratings so you can use it all year round!
  3. Sleep in the winter position and you get a snug -10 degree rating;
  4. Sleep in the autumn position and you get a warm nights sleep without being too hot;
  5. Zip out the inner and you'll get a beautiful nights sleep in mild weather without being too hot or too cold!
  6. Use the summer sheet only and you can have a comfortable nights sleep even in summer. This is where other high quality bags struggle, they keep you warm in winter but cook you in summer!

This is a jumbo sleeping bag designed specifically to fit your new Homestead Single Swag! It also features 100% cotton material on the inside of the swag so it breathes and doesn't irritate your skin! With this sleeping bag we've considered it all!

As an added bonus because the Homestead Swag only needs a 40mm mattress because it's also part stretcher, you can actually roll up our sleeping bag in the swag and it will fit in the swag bag supplied free with the Homestead stretcher swag! This is the ultimate camping swag package...


This swag comes with a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The swag poles come with a 6 month warranty.




  1. Homestead Swag instructional video


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